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Vittorio’s Successful Journey in Project Management with ITonlinelearning

Starting a New Educational Path

Vittorio embarked on his learning journey with ITonlinelearning in April 2021, aiming to achieve qualifications in project management.

Comprehensive Project Management Qualifications

He pursued a well-rounded project management curriculum that included PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner, Agile Foundation, and Change Management Foundation.

Excellent Tutor Support

Throughout his studies, Vittorio received exceptional assistance from his course tutor, Ryan, who was always ready to provide additional materials and support.

Timely Completion of Exams

Vittorio successfully completed all four exams within approximately four months, demonstrating his dedication and the effectiveness of ITonlinelearning’s teaching methods.

Assessment and Recruitment Transition

After his exams, Vittorio completed an assessment provided by ITonlinelearning and was promptly transitioned to the recruitment team for the next phase of his career journey.

Outstanding Recruitment Assistance

The recruitment team, particularly Anzel, played a crucial role in transforming Vittorio’s CV and providing comprehensive job search support.

Securing a New Job

Thanks to the revamped CV and dedicated support in job searching and interview preparation, Vittorio successfully secured a job in his desired field.

A Grateful Acknowledgment

Vittorio expresses his gratitude for the exceptional support he received throughout his journey with ITonlinelearning.

Conclusion: A Path to Career Success

Vittorio’s experience with ITonlinelearning highlights the impact of quality education, dedicated tutor support, and effective recruitment services in achieving career goals.