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Thomas’s Career Transition to Project Management with ITonlinelearning

From Retail and Finance to Project Management

Thomas, with a 15-year background in senior management in retail and finance, decided to pivot to project management in May last year. His exposure to PM teams in his previous roles spurred this career change.

Comprehensive Project Management Training

Upon enrolling with ITonlinelearning, Thomas completed an extensive project management package. This included foundation certifications in PRINCE2, Change Management, Business Analysis, and a practitioner level in Agile PM, all within four months.

Efficient Case Study and Recruitment Induction

After his certifications, Thomas spent two weeks on a required case study and went through the recruitment induction process, which was a critical step in his transition.

Multiple Job Offers and PMO Position

The training and certifications from ITonlinelearning played a pivotal role in Thomas securing multiple job offers. He eventually settled into a PMO project manager role at a global IT company.

Standout Business Analysis Skills

Thomas notes that the business analyst course was particularly beneficial. It enabled him to leverage his senior management experience into a project environment, making him stand out to employers.

Rapid Career Advancement

The course allowed Thomas to bypass entry-level positions, moving directly into a project manager role. In this position, he works closely with C-level executives to implement internal changes, showcasing the effectiveness of his training.

Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Thomas expresses his gratitude for the entire journey with ITonlinelearning, from onboarding and study phases to recruitment support. He highlights the user-friendly study portal and the continuous support throughout his certifications.

Special Thanks to Recruitment Advisor

A special mention goes to Gregory Peter, his recruitment advisor, whose real-world knowledge and tailored advice in CV development and job selection were instrumental in Thomas’s immediate job success.

Encouraging Others to Explore ITonlinelearning

Thomas concludes by encouraging anyone considering a career change or furthering their qualifications to connect with ITonlinelearning, assuring that the team can significantly aid in achieving career goals.

Conclusion: A Path to New Horizons

Thomas’s experience with ITonlinelearning is a compelling testament to how dedicated support and comprehensive training can lead to successful career shifts and rapid advancement in the project management field.