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Shanana’s Inspiring Journey with ITonlinelearning’s Project Management Program

A Year of Transformative Learning

Shanana embarked on her journey with ITonlinelearning, enrolling in the Project Management Placement Program. She completed her PRINCE2 Foundation, Agile PM Foundation, Business Analysis Foundation, a Change Management course, and ITonlinelearning’s internal Project Management Fundamentals.

Commendation for Comprehensive Courses

Shanana found the courses, particularly the Project Management Fundamentals, to be exceptionally beneficial, praising their comprehensive nature and effectiveness in teaching essential skills.

Exceptional Support from the Sales to Tutoring

Shanana expresses her gratitude to Martin from sales for his patience and assistance during the decision-making process. She also highlights Lusanda’s organizational skills and Ryan, her tutor for project management, for his engaging and supportive teaching style.

Personalized Tutoring Experience

Ryan’s approach, combining humor, intelligence, and valuable resources, made Shanana’s learning experience enjoyable and kept her motivated, especially during challenging times in the course.

Successful Recruitment Journey

After completing her courses, Shanana entered the recruitment phase, where she was supported by Jess. Despite challenges, such as local testing center closures, Jess and the team ensured Shanana could complete her exams and obtain her credentials.

CV Writing and Interview Support

Jess’s expertise in CV writing and interview preparation played a significant role in Shanana’s job search. Her support was instrumental in helping Shanana secure a job with a good salary, benefits, and professional respect.

A Heartfelt Recommendation

Shanana highly recommends ITonlinelearning for anyone considering enhancing their career. She credits the platform with significantly contributing to her professional growth and success.

Conclusion: A Stepping Stone to a Better Future

Shanana’s story is a testament to how ITonlinelearning’s comprehensive courses, combined with personalized support, can lead to significant career advancements and personal fulfillment.