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Keely’s Ascendancy in Project Management through ITonlinelearning

Beginning a Transformative Learning Journey

Keely embarked on her ITonlinelearning journey in 2020, a decision that would significantly shape her career path. She completed an array of courses including PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner, Agile Foundation, Project Fundamentals, and Change Management Foundation.

Progressive Career Advancements

Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired from these courses, Keely progressed rapidly within her career. She moved from a project coordinator role in computer software to a junior project manager and finally to a project manager in civil engineering.

Overcoming Skepticism with Support

Initially skeptical about the support she would receive in online courses, Keely was pleasantly surprised. The tutors at ITonlinelearning were incredibly supportive, offering guidance throughout her learning journey, including weekly one-to-one calls to prepare for exams.

Practical Preparation for Exams

The tutors at ITonlinelearning didn’t just teach; they actively engaged with Keely in mock exams and provided valuable exam preparation, ensuring she was well-equipped for her assessments.

Recruitment Process and Career Transition

Post-certification, ITonlinelearning continued to support Keely through the recruitment process. They assisted in tailoring her CV and LinkedIn profile, provided guidance on job searching, and prepared her for interviews with mock sessions and typical questions.

Achieving the Desired Role

Thanks to the comprehensive training and recruitment assistance from ITonlinelearning, Keely secured a coveted position as a project manager in civil engineering, a testament to the efficacy of the program.

A Seamless and Supportive Experience

Keely’s experience with ITonlinelearning was not just educational but also empowering. The thorough and supportive approach of ITonlinelearning played a crucial role in her successful career transition.

Conclusion: Nurturing Professional Growth

Keely’s story highlights how ITonlinelearning’s comprehensive courses and dedicated support can open doors to new opportunities and foster career growth in project management.