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Scott’s Career Reshaping with ITonlinelearning’s Project Management Program

A New Beginning in April 2020

Scott embarked on his journey with ITonlinelearning in April 2020 after opting for redundancy due to an impractical commute. This decision led him to the Project Management Placement Programme, aiming to enhance his skills while job hunting.

A Choice Driven by Experience and Education

Reflecting on his experience in project-oriented tasks and his academic background, Scott chose to focus on PRINCE2 Foundation, Agile Foundation, and Business Analysis. The latter appealed to him due to its alignment with his research methods from his Master’s degree.

Clear and Flexible Learning Structure

Scott found the course material to be well-structured and user-friendly. The flexibility to pause and revisit video lectures was particularly helpful, especially in preparation for exams.

Tackling the Simulated Project Management Assignment

Initially daunting, the simulated project management assignment turned out to be manageable for Scott. He strategically spread the work over several weekends, resulting in a successful completion.

Exceptional Exam Success and Tutor Support

Scott’s hard work paid off with a remarkable 93% in his exam, a result that left him pleasantly surprised. The thorough feedback and guidance from his tutor, Ryan, were instrumental in this achievement.

The Recruitment Phase with Jess

In the recruitment phase, Scott was supported by Jess, his recruitment advisor. Her exceptional assistance in revamping his CV, improving his LinkedIn profile, and providing interview guidance significantly boosted his confidence.

Effective Interview Preparation

Jess’s help with interview preparation, including conducting a mock interview and offering constructive feedback, enhanced Scott’s interview performance, ensuring he was well-prepared and confident.

Anticipating a New Role

As a result of his dedication and the support from ITonlinelearning, Scott is now looking forward to starting a new role as an administrator, where he hopes to continue building upon the skills acquired during the course.

Conclusion: A Journey of Skill Enhancement and New Opportunities

Scott’s experience with ITonlinelearning is a testament to how targeted learning and dedicated support can facilitate a significant career transition and personal growth.