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Peter’s Transition from Military to Project Management with ITonlinelearning

A New Direction After Military Service

Peter, a former member of the parachute regiment with six years of military service, embarked on a new career path by completing the CMI Level 5 Diploma in Management through ITonlinelearning.

User-Friendly Learning Platform

Peter found the ITonlinelearning website and training materials easy to navigate. The platform’s design enabled him to access assignments effortlessly and track his progress, ensuring he stayed on top of his studies.

Consistent Assignment Completion

Over the course of a year, Peter maintained a steady pace, completing an average of one assignment per month. This consistent effort was key to his successful completion of the diploma.

Valuable Tutor Support

Peter was paired with a tutor named Ryan, who provided intermittent but crucial support throughout the year. Their bi-weekly discussions focused on improving weak points and reviewing feedback from assignments, contributing significantly to Peter’s learning.

Tutor Accessibility

Having a tutor readily available on the phone was particularly beneficial for Peter, especially when he needed guidance or clarification on certain topics.

Recommendation for Service Leavers

Peter highly recommends ITonlinelearning to other service leavers, particularly emphasizing the use of Enhanced Learning Credits. He appreciates the variety of qualifications offered, including PRINCE2 and Agile.

Positive Overall Experience

Peter’s overall experience with ITonlinelearning was very positive, and he expresses intent to pursue additional qualifications with them in the future.

Conclusion: A Successful Career Transition

Peter’s journey with ITonlinelearning demonstrates the platform’s effectiveness in facilitating a smooth transition from military service to a career in project management, thanks to its user-friendly interface and supportive tutoring.