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Nicolo’s Career Shift to Project Management with ITonlinelearning

A Leap from Hospitality to Project Management

Nicolo, transitioning from a career in hospitality, embarked on a journey to project management with ITonlinelearning last year.

Initial Skepticism and Supportive Sales Team

Initially skeptical about online learning and career prospects in project management, Nicolo found reassurance and clarity from ITonlinelearning’s sales team, prompting him to enroll in the course.

Navigating Studies with Work Commitments

Balancing full-time work with studies, Nicolo gradually adapted to the learning process. Despite time constraints, he successfully earned his first certification within a few months, boosting his confidence.

Progressive Certification Achievement

Nicolo’s dedication led to further certifications over 9-10 months, demonstrating his commitment to his new career path in project management.

Exceptional Recruitment Support

After completing his certifications, ITonlinelearning’s recruitment team assisted Nicolo excellently, crafting an impressive CV and guiding his job search and interview preparation.

Rapid Job Offers and Interviews

The effectiveness of his new CV was evident when Nicolo received interview offers soon after applying to a few jobs. His focused job search led to numerous replies and significant interview opportunities.

Securing a Project Management Role

Within 11 months, Nicolo secured a project manager position at a reputable company in Scotland, marking a successful career transition facilitated by ITonlinelearning.

Special Thanks to Individual Supporters

Nicolo extends special thanks to Ryan from the student program for guidance and confidence-building and Jess from the recruitment team for her invaluable assistance with CV writing and interview preparation.

Conclusion: A Guided Path to Career Success

Nicolo’s journey with ITonlinelearning highlights the platform’s effectiveness in guiding career transitions, offering comprehensive educational and recruitment support for successful outcomes.