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Kiran’s Transformational Journey in IT with ITonlinelearning

Embarking on an IT Career Path

Kiran began his IT journey with ITonlinelearning in 2020, attracted by the IT Technician course with a guaranteed placement. This decision marked a pivotal shift in his career aspirations.

Supportive Tutoring Experience

Throughout the course, Kiran received exceptional support from his tutor, Slindi. Even while studying full-time during the lockdown, he found Slindi readily available to assist, whether through email or direct calls, ensuring he never felt stuck or unsupported.

Practical Skills Through Live Labs

Kiran particularly valued the live labs, which provided a hands-on experience essential for understanding IT commands and problem-solving. This practical approach solidified his understanding and skills in IT.

Rapid Progress and Recruitment Assistance

After passing his internal exams in just three months, Kiran transitioned to the recruitment phase. He credits the recruitment team, particularly Amelia, for expertly tailoring his CV and providing guidance on job applications and interviews.

Securing a Role in IT

Kiran’s dedication and the support from ITonlinelearning paid off swiftly. He secured a job as a service desk analyst in a company he was eager to work for, after only three interviews.

Smooth Exam Booking Process

Booking official exams through ITonlinelearning was straightforward and user-friendly, contributing to a seamless certification process.

A Strong Endorsement

Kiran highly recommends ITonlinelearning to anyone seeking to enter the IT field. He attests to the value of the course in facilitating a successful transition into the IT industry.

Conclusion: A Path to Professional Achievement

Kiran’s experience with ITonlinelearning demonstrates the effectiveness of comprehensive training, hands-on practice, and personalized recruitment support in achieving career goals in IT.