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Kashif’s Successful Transition into IT with ITonlinelearning

Embarking on an IT Career

Kashif decided to pivot his career into IT about a year ago, leading him to discover ITonlinelearning for his educational needs.

Achieving COMTIA Plus Certification

During his studies at ITonlinelearning, Kashif worked towards his COMTIA+ certification, greatly aided by the prompt and effective support from his tutor.

Exam Success

Kashif’s dedication paid off as he successfully passed both parts of the COMTIA+ exam, first in April and then in July.

The Recruitment Phase with Greg

Moving into the recruitment phase, Kashif was assisted by Greg, a member of the ITonlinelearning team. Greg’s help in refining Kashif’s CV and creating a LinkedIn profile was pivotal in his job search.

Landing the First IT Role

Kashif’s efforts culminated in securing his first IT interview with Advanced, an IT company, and subsequently landing the job just weeks after passing his A+ exam.

Gratitude for ITonlinelearning

Expressing his heartfelt thanks, Kashif acknowledges the significant role ITonlinelearning and Greg played in his quick transition into the IT sector, where he now enjoys a starting salary of £25,000 with opportunities for growth.

Endorsing ITonlinelearning

Kashif highly recommends ITonlinelearning to anyone looking to break into the IT field, praising the platform for its comprehensive educational and recruitment support.

Conclusion: A Transformative Learning Experience

Kashif’s journey is a testament to the transformative impact of ITonlinelearning, showcasing how effective training and recruitment guidance can lead to successful career shifts in the IT industry.