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Hamish’s Leap from Research Science to Project Management with ITonlinelearning

A Shift Towards Practical Skills

Hamish, with a background in research science, sought real-world skills beyond the academic realm. His decision to pivot towards project management was driven by the versatility and applicability of these skills in various sectors. ITonlinelearning offered him the opportunity to not only gain project management qualifications but also support in transitioning to a new field.

Tailored Qualification Path

ITonlinelearning facilitated Hamish in choosing a combination of courses best suited to his needs: Agile Foundation, PRINCE2 Foundation, and PRINCE2 Practitioner. This tailored approach allowed him to align his learning with his career objectives effectively.

Comprehensive Course Content and Easy Exam Booking

Hamish appreciated the quality of the course content, particularly the instructional videos, which he found thoroughly prepared him for the exams. The convenience and simplicity of the exam booking process, allowing for tests to be taken from home, added to the positive experience.

The Recruitment Phase: A Game-Changer

Post-certification, Hamish entered the recruitment phase, working closely with Jess and Alretta from ITonlinelearning’s recruitment team. Their professionalism, diligence, and patience significantly enhanced his job-hunting experience. Their consistent check-ins, goal-setting guidance, and job suggestions were instrumental in identifying roles that matched his profile and interests.

CV Revamp and Job Success

The recruitment team’s insights into CV drafting highlighted areas for improvement in Hamish’s resume, such as detailing and tailoring for specific applications. This revamped CV played a crucial role in Hamish securing a role in the project management sector, where his newly acquired qualifications and updated resume were highly relevant.

Endorsement of ITonlinelearning

Hamish highly recommends ITonlinelearning for anyone aspiring to gain project management qualifications and seeking assistance in entering the sector. He regards the course as a valuable investment, offering excellent value for money.

Conclusion: A Worthwhile Investment in Career Growth

Hamish’s journey with ITonlinelearning is a testament to the transformative power of targeted education and dedicated recruitment support. His successful transition from research science to project management exemplifies the potential for professional growth and change with the right resources and guidance.