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Babs’ Inspiring Journey with ITonlinelearning

Babs shares her exhilarating experience with ITonlinelearning, having recently completed her course and qualifications, ready to embark on the recruitment phase.

Balancing Commitments with Learning

Starting in September 2021, Babs’ journey took longer than usual due to work and family commitments. Despite these challenges, she highlights the exceptional support provided by ITonlinelearning, which was crucial to her completion of the course.

Experiencing the Role of Project Manager

What stood out for Babs was the Simulated Project Management Assignment. This part of the course allowed her to envision herself as a project manager, adding excitement and depth to her learning experience. The assignment was not only interesting but also enjoyable, boosting her confidence in her job search.

Encouragement for Future Students

Babs concludes her testimonial with an expression of gratitude to ITonlinelearning and encouragement to future students, emphasizing the valuable support and learning experience she received. Her story is a testament to the effective and flexible learning environment ITonlinelearning provides.