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Aruna’s Triumph with ITonlinelearning’s Project Management Program

Aruna’s testimonial about ITonlinelearning’s Project Management Placement Program during the lockdown in March 2020 reveals a journey of dedication and success.

Seamless Start and Supportive Guidance

Her journey began with an advertisement that led her to conduct research and eventually sign up for the program. The sign-up process was straightforward and informative, thanks to Nathaniel, who outlined the course comprehensively. Aruna highlights the ease and accessibility of the course, available 24/7, and the quality of the videos.

Mentorship and Exam Preparation

Ryan, her tutor, was a key figure in her learning, offering detailed notes and clear explanations over the phone. His support extended to exam preparation, instilling confidence and comfort in Aruna.

Successful Transition to Professional Role

After passing her exams, Aruna engaged in a simulated project assessment and then moved to the recruitment phase. Here, Amelia’s personalized approach in CV preparation and job search guidance was instrumental. Subsequent support from Gregory, including mock interviews, led to Aruna securing a project coordinator position with a salary exceeding her expectations.

A Fulfilling Educational Experience

Aruna’s experience with ITonlinelearning was characterized by effective learning materials, supportive mentors, and a successful transition into her desired career, highlighting the program’s comprehensive and supportive nature.