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Recruitment Support is a service provided by our specialist in-house recruitment team to help you succeed in the job market to secure a new job and long-term career. This service is exclusively for ITonlinelearning students enrolled on our job programmes who have reached prerequisite qualification milestones and need support during the job seeking process. Coaching for career success through ITonlinelearning has grown exponentially, the goal is to empower our students by helping them make informed decisions about their career trajectory.


 An initial consultation to better understand your strengths and skills

  A professional CV review

 LinkedIn networking support

 Job seeking coaching and support 

 Interview coaching, preparation and support

 Mock interview if required

 Coaching for career success

The information below will give you a better feel of how we support you and why recruitment support and coaching is important if you want to achieve your career goals:


In the same way every successful athlete has a coach and a support team to ensure success, Recruitment Support will provide you with the correct tools, coaching and support to improve your chances of securing a new job in your chosen career. We aim at giving you the correct mindset to make smart professional decisions. 


We have empowered our students to increase self-confidence and front-line decision making plus given them the correct tools needed to succeed.

You have already taken the steps to strengthen yourself with new skills and qualifications, we take this further and empower you with job seeking and career skills to help you develop professionally and secure a job opportunity aligned to your career goals all while being supported by our recruitment team.

In addition, when you are no longer a student of ITonlinelearning and you need to find a new job or promotion opportunity, we want you to have the skills needed to secure a new opportunity easily while using proven job seeking skills.


As you know the job market can be very competitive, you might be up against a hundred plus job applicants with each relevant job you apply to.

What will make an HR Administrator or hiring manager sifting through hundreds of CVs select your CV for an interview? Our specialised advisors will have an action plan to increase your chances of standing out.

Then when you secure an interview, how can you maximise your chance of being offered the job? We have a plan for that too!


It is easy to get frustrated and despondent with the job market even when the economy is strong, and jobs are plentiful. It is too easy to get your hope up by applying to jobs you are not ideally suited for with a weak CV and hoping to get positive results. Companies only hire what they perceive to be the best candidate suited for them. Companies do not take on people they feel sorry for, they take on candidates who will best fit the role and add the greatest value.

Every job has a salary budget, every jobseeker has a value.

Research is critical when deciding which jobs to apply for. Certain sectors are flourishing and growing and this needs to be a consideration also.  There are also sectors like healthcare that are not necessarily affected by a weak economy, there are sectors that flourished in the grips of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Learn where to look for new opportunities and how to engage with recruiting managers while being supported by our specialist advisors who will work with you to help identify the best opportunities to apply for and help ensure you secure interviews.


We teach you to think like a recruiting manager and to put yourself in their shoes. This helps you understand what companies and line managers look for when recruiting. You will also understand why some jobseekers find work easily and others not. You will also understand how to put yourself in a strong position to secure promotion opportunities.


Understanding your skills, strengths and weaknesses enables our Recruitment Advisors to provide you with tailored support and the coaching you need.

In addition, we will be getting information from you to build a standout professional CV. If you are new to job searching, you will realise that a quality CV together with smart job searching and a tailored approach is what secures interviews. This coupled with cleverly using the likes of LinkedIn and reaching out to recruitment agencies in the right way.

Getting to know you will help us put a tailored plan in place for you that will greatly improve your chances of securing a job.


In most cases, a hiring manager or HR, decides to interview you or not interview you for a job vacancy based purely on the strength or weakness of your CV without knowing you or ever having spoken to you. It is crazy if you think about it, but that is the reality of it!

There are many great jobseekers out there who struggle to secure interviews simply because of their CV. We will provide you with a professional CV that:

Many people struggle to write a good CV because it is hard to write about yourself and market yourself in the right manner to get results.



With LinkedIn being the leader in the online professional networking world it has become vital for professionals to join the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn is a great place to share career and work-related news, all while growing peers in your own network. It is also the right place to share news about your strengths, new qualifications and skills. It is also great to join and participate in groups aligned to your new career and the area you have studied in. Here you can engage with peers and learn more about your sector of interest.

It is important to have a strong profile on LinkedIn that clearly highlights your strongpoints in a similar way to what your CV does.  There are over 30 million companies listed on LinkedIn and companies often use LinkedIn to search for staff with particular skills.

Our specialist consultants will ensure you have a strong profile that makes a good impression, in addition they will help you to use LinkedIn effectively to maximise the power of.


Once you have a professional CV that stands out, you are ready to use your CV to secure interviews.

It is easy getting despondent while aimlessly applying for hundreds of jobs that are not suited to your skill level, qualifications, or experience level in the hope an employer will take you on.

Applying for jobs to secure interviews needs to be done smartly in a targeted manner.

The way you apply for a job you are suited for is important if you want a hiring manager to notice you and consider you. Your aim is to secure interviews by applying to jobs where your prospective employer will benefit from your strengths, traits, qualifications, and skills. You must smartly communicate this with a prospective employer.

The current job market in some areas is candidate rich and job poor, making it highly competitive. The job market is especially competitive with lower skilled jobs where qualifications are not needed.

Job boards can be a minefield where different job titles are used for similar jobs. There are also jobs out there that require your new skills that are not always obvious and easy to find.

Having guidance and support from our experienced recruitment advisors will benefit you greatly. They will coach and support you in these key areas to help you successfully secure the right interviews. They help you work systematically and effectively to maximise your chances of success.


There are over 35,000 recruitment agencies in the UK. Recruitment agencies vary from being generalists that place people in a broad range of job functions to specialists that specialise in placing jobseekers in one or a limited number of job functions. For example, a recruitment agency that only places jobseekers in IT would be a specialist recruitment agency.

A recruitment agency will work with you if you will add value to their database and they have realistic chance of placing you. You are therefore valuable to them if they have jobs that you are suitable for or if they have clients that look for the skills you offer.

Finding the right agencies to work with takes research and you need the right contact approach regardless of whether you make contact via email, their website or if you walk through their front door to introduce yourself.

Our team will help work with you to engage with the right recruitment agencies so you can build relations with them and leverage their strengths to help you get placed.


Your smart and targeted approach has resulted in an employer inviting you in for an interview. You might be up against 5 or more other jobseekers they are also interviewing. How are you going to improve your odds of success?

It is important for your CV to stand out against other jobseekers applying for the same role, you need to stand out in an interview too! We all have strengths and weaknesses as some people are nervous in interviews, others talk too much, some do not listen to questions and waffle on with answers.

By preparing for your interview in a structured manner and following a few key rules, you can greatly improve your chances of success.

The whole job seeking process is about working smartly, following a proven recipe and being prepared.

Our Recruitment Consultants will support you, coach you and help you to prepare for interviews.


Often it is the same bad habit that you don’t realise you have, that puts employers off when they interview you. Hiring managers often do not give frank interview feedback as they are afraid of offending you. This can result in interview after interview not reaping success. We will do a mock interview with you and interview you to analyse how you come across and identify areas of improvement.

Everyone is human and we get to understand your strengths and weaknesses and then we look at how we can best communicate your strengths to a prospective employer who is interviewing you.


Not everyone is career hungry to climb the corporate ladder year after year, but most people enter a career and want to progress to a level where they are financially comfortable and enjoy their job.

What do companies look for when promoting staff? Skills and qualifications are just two of the elements they look for. Reliability, honesty, leadership skills, company loyalty and other factors are what companies look at as well.

It is pointless trying to be a model employee but you are frequently late for work, are difficult to manage and are disagreeable for example. Displaying that kind of negativity will make it hard for you to be promoted and to further yourself professionally.

Coaching will help you align yourself with the positive behaviours needed to grow your career positively.


‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’! We work with you to create a two year and five year goal plan. You are more likely to succeed if you have written goals and milestones that you are aiming for.

Sometimes life gets in the way and your journey towards your goal might be delayed or you might need to find another pathway to reach your goal. Regardless of the challenges you may be faced with, always keep the intention of reaching your goal.

We especially look at your career goals and what you want to achieve. You then use what you have learned with us and follow a smart plan toward your goals.


Most managers are busy people that have a job to do in addition to managing a team. What do smart managers look for when they are recruiting a new member to their team? A busy manager knows he is busy and is under pressure from his boss to ensure his team delivers month in month out. Therefore, smart managers are careful when recruiting. They are going to look at the following when making a choice about hiring a new team member:

  1. Does the interviewee have qualifications to validate their skills?
  2. Are they easy to manage?
  3. Will they be productive quickly?
  4. Are they reliable and honest?
  5. Will they be an ambassador for the department?
  6. Are they eager to learn and grow?
  7. Will they fit in with the rest of the team?
  8. Will they be loyal to the company?
  9. Are they able to get to their work location easily?

When you understand what managers look for then you will understand what questions they ask in an interview and why they ask those questions. This will help you better prepare for interviews and have a better idea of what to expect.


No one is perfect, no company is perfect. You will be better suited to certain companies or organisations. What is important is for you to understand what organisations expect from employees and what are red flags that are warning signs to a company that an employee is not suited to them or not suited for promotion opportunities.

The coaching and support you will receive from the Recruitment Team will help you understand how decisions are made when taking on new staff or considering existing staff for promotion opportunities. This will help you understand good traits and behaviour to always demonstrate in interviews and throughout your working life.


The UK job markets is the 6th strongest job market in the world. The job market is evolving and changing. Jobseekers with strong skills and qualifications have an advantage. The least skilled workers in the UK are the most vulnerable to hardship. Having a successful career in the UK is a balance of having good skills, qualifications, the right traits organisations need and a positive attitude. If you have that as a package, you have empowered yourself and greatly improved your odds for achieving medium and long-term career success.


Picture yourself having achieved your 5 year career goal. How does that feel. Now try to imagine the journey you have gone through to achieve your goal.  Your journey will be so much easier if you have the right qualifications, skills, traits and attitude.

Providing support and believing in self-development, we love seeing people succeed and we are here to help you with this important step towards achieving your first milestones and goals.

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