What is a job programme?

In a nutshell, our job programmes consist of: 

  1. A job/ money-back guarantee*.
  2. Support from a recruitment team to get you your desired job.
  3. Support from mentors and tutors while you study.
  4. Official exams.
  5. Tutor-led engaging courses, quizzes and practice exams.
  6. A 13-year track record of helping people succeed.

Our job programmes make it easy to succeed in a new career. We mentor and support you while you study and qualify.  Our recruitment team provide you with career services and work with you to get you placed in a new job in the area you have studied. Success is guaranteed with a job/money-back guarantee*.  Follow the steps and soon you will be qualified, have a CV that stands out and be working in new job with a rewarding career ladder to climb.  

The job programme is completed in 4 easy steps:

*For more information on our job/money-back guarantee please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Your Journey

Throughout your whole journey you are supported by a team of experts:

Qualified Tutors

Our tutors are available to talk to over the phone or via email and are here to help you with any course related questions. They can also help you with exam preparation.

Support Mentors

Your mentor will support you with any course access / login issues and will be on hand to motivate you and provide you with a personalised study plan.

Exam Booking Team

The team will book your exams and guide you through this process.

Recruitment Consultants

The key role of our Recruitment Advisors is to get you working in your chosen career.

With our IT and Cyber packages, you have the option to work with our partner company in a contract role even before you pass your first official exams. 

Recruitment Advisors work closely with you to provide you with a professional career specific CV that stands out. They help you with the job seeking process, help you prepare for interviews and are with you each step of the way until you are placed.

It is our aim to help each of our students gain great value from their studies and to find success by working the field in which they have studied. Each year we help thousands of students start their careers, in addition assisting others in strengthening their existing careers.

We’re here to make sure that you become one of those successful students and we look forward to helping you with your career.

Success Stories

Don’t take our word for it.  Watch some of our success stories.

Career Path and Possible Annual Salaries – it industry

Career Path and Possible Annual Salaries – project manager

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