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Marta’s Triumph Over Redundancy Through ITonlinelearning

Facing Career Uncertainty

Nine months ago, Marta confronted the daunting threat of redundancy. In her search for new employment, she reassessed her career path and skills.

Discovering ITonlinelearning

Marta discovered ITonlinelearning through an employment agency, offering a project management course. The straightforward enrollment process and the promise of personalized support drew her in.

The Allure of Personal Tutoring and Recruitment Assistance

What particularly attracted Marta to ITonlinelearning was the unique combination of having a dedicated tutor for study support and a recruitment department to assist with job hunting.

The Comfort of Personalized Tutoring

Studying from home presented its challenges, but Marta found immense comfort and support in her personal tutor, Ryan. His availability for assistance, or even just a supportive chat, was invaluable during tough times.

A Friendship and a Reliable Guide

Ryan, more than just a tutor, became a friend to Marta. His approachability and willingness to help with any queries made the learning experience more personable and effective.

Triumph in Certification

Despite the difficulty, Marta successfully earned certifications in PRINCE2, Agile, and Change Management, demonstrating her commitment and hard work.

Transitioning to Recruitment Support

After completing her courses, Marta moved to ITonlinelearning’s recruitment phase, where she met Jess, her “personal cheerleader.” Jess’s expertise in CV composition, interview preparation, and job search strategies proved invaluable.

A New Chapter in IT

Marta’s journey with ITonlinelearning culminated in securing a position as a project coordinator within an IT company, a testament to her resilience and the effectiveness of the training and support provided.

Conclusion: A Story of Resilience and Success

Marta’s story with ITonlinelearning is one of overcoming adversity, personal growth, and successfully pivoting to a new career in project management.