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Kaylea’s Journey from Operations to Business Analysis with ITonlinelearning

Initiating a Career Shift

In August 2020, Kaylea started her transformative journey with ITonlinelearning, aiming to pivot from a background in operations and a history degree into project management.

Comprehensive and Flexible Course Structure

ITonlinelearning’s course structure was pivotal in Kaylea’s journey, offering her the chance to gain qualifications in PRINCE2, Agile PM, and Business Analysis. Throughout her studies, she discovered a strong preference for business analysis.

Personalized Support Throughout

From the initial setup to receiving study materials, Kaylea received consistent support from ITonlinelearning. This guidance was crucial in her smooth transition through the course.

Recruitment Phase Tailored to Her Aspirations

During the recruitment phase, Kaylea’s specific interest in business analysis required a tailored approach. Her recruiter provided exceptional support, helping to perfect her CV and guiding her through the application process for business analysis roles.

Confident Interview Performance

Equipped with the knowledge and qualifications from her course, Kaylea approached job interviews with confidence, well-prepared to answer all questions effectively.

Rapid Transition to a Desired Role

Within just two months of completing her course, Kaylea successfully landed a job in business analysis, a role that she loves and finds fulfilling.

High Praise for ITonlinelearning

Kaylea highly recommends ITonlinelearning for its impactful course structure and supportive recruitment process, acknowledging how the course has significantly enhanced her career.

Conclusion: Empowerment Through Education

Kaylea’s story with ITonlinelearning is an inspiring example of how focused education and support can lead to successful and fulfilling career changes, particularly in specialized fields like business analysis.