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From IT Analyst to Project Coordinator

Deepti, an accomplished IT Technical Analyst with over seven years of experience in manual testing, has a remarkable success story that highlights the transformative impact of ITonlinelearning. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Deepti embarked on a journey with ITonlinelearning that would elevate her career to new heights.

Deepti describes her experience with ITonlinelearning as “fabulous.” She praises the recruitment team and the individuals who guided her throughout the process. Their support was crucial in helping her navigate her educational journey and land a successful job with ID online. The tailored assistance and personalized guidance she received were instrumental in her success.

One of the significant milestones in Deepti’s journey was her decision to pursue Agile Project Management. With the comprehensive course material and the expert guidance provided by ITonlinelearning, she was able to prepare thoroughly and pass her exam successfully last year. This achievement marked a pivotal point in her career, opening doors to new opportunities.

Following her certification, Deepti enrolled in the recruitment process offered by ITonlinelearning. Here, she received invaluable support in enhancing her CV and skills. The recruitment team provided proper training on the interview process, shared relevant materials, and offered insights into the types of questions interviewers might ask. This preparation boosted her confidence and readiness for job interviews.

After months of perseverance and dedication, Deepti successfully landed a job as a Project Coordinator. She attributes a significant part of her success to her tutor, Shailee Fritz, who played a crucial role in her job search process. Shailee’s prompt responses to queries, sharing of useful links, and regular updates made a substantial difference in Deepti’s journey.

Deepti expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the ITonlinelearning team and her tutor, Shailee Fritz, for her unwavering support. She acknowledges their role in helping her secure a fulfilling job and wishes them continued success.

Deepti’s story is a testament to the power of quality education and dedicated support. Her journey with ITonlinelearning serves as an inspiration for others looking to advance their careers and achieve their professional goals.