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Anita Mamidi

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A Day in the Life: Anita Mamidi, Change Management Consultant

At ITonlinelearning, we celebrate the inspiring journeys of our students who have successfully transitioned to new and fulfilling careers. Today, we feature Anita Mamidi, a dedicated full-time mom and a successful change management consultant, sharing a glimpse into her daily life.

Balancing Life and Career

Anita Mamidi lives and works in London. She balances her time between being a full-time mom and a working professional with diverse interests that keep her busy throughout the year. “Hi, I am Anita Mamidi and I live and work in London. I am a full-time mom and a working professional, and I have lots of interests too that keep me busy every day, every week, and every month.”

Daily Routine

Anita’s day starts with a cup of tea, her favorite being Masala Chai, although she often opts for quicker options on busy working days. She describes herself as a “woman rury,” having taken a long break from her professional career for family reasons. Returning to work after such a break was a daunting task, but she found solace and support in the courses offered by ITonlinelearning.

Embracing Agile Methodology

With a background in traditional waterfall methodology, Anita found the Agile course offered by ITonlinelearning to be extremely valuable. “Doing the Agile course was very, very useful because back in the dinosaur ages when I used to work, it was all waterfall methodology and things have moved on so much. It’s all Agile now,” she explains. The Agile training helped her update her skills and adapt to the modern project management environment.

Mastering Change Management

Anita now works as a change management consultant. The training she received from ITonlinelearning played a crucial role in her career transition. “The change management training that I had done with ITonlinelearning taught me about the KUER OSCAR, which I use a lot in my presentations. It taught me how to check for change readiness and even before that, how to do a change impact analysis,” she says. Anita also learned the MoSCoW methodology for prioritization, which she regularly applies in her work.

Overcoming Challenges

Coming back to work after a long gap was challenging for Anita, but ITonlinelearning provided her with the structure and confidence she needed. “Coming back to work after a long gap was very daunting. I really didn’t think I could make it, but when I discovered what ITonlinelearning could do for me, there was that glimmer of hope. It held my hand and gave me a structure and the confidence to go and face interviews and start work.”

Looking Back with Pride

Reflecting on her journey over the past two years, Anita feels a sense of pride and gratitude. “When I look back two years, there is a smile on my face. I feel proud of myself and very grateful that I had such a good crutch in ITonlinelearning to get back to work,” she shares.